Goldhanger Sailing Club

Sailing on the BlackwaterGoldhanger Sailing Club, nestling between the western seawall and the aromatic strawberry fields of Wilkin & Sons Ltd, enjoys one of the most idyllic and tranquil settings on the River Blackwater.

With a membership of around 100, the club’s ethos is one of friendliness and co-operation with, as it states in the rules, an objective “to encourage boat sailing and sociability among members”.

Interest encompasses all types of sailing, sailboarding, paddleboarding and kayaking. A small number of motorboats are also allowed for fishing. There are men’s and ladies’ toilet facilities, a kitchen area and a large compound for dinghies, day-boats and trailers etc. A steel container annexe is used for storage and as a men’s changing room, and the creek is reached via a sturdy launching ramp, erected and maintained by the club.

The club was formed in 1959 by a small group of village sailing enthusiasts during an informal chat in the bar of The Chequers public house. In 1991 the club moved to its present site beyond one of the strawberry fields owned by its landlord, Wilkin & Sons Ltd.