New Members

FOR new and old members alike it is important to understand that vehicle access to the clubhouse and compound is limited and should be kept to a minimum, and at all times Dec2010permission must be obtained from Michael Bragg, Wilkin & Sons Ltd farm manager. Leaving a message on his answer-phone is not sufficient. If inconvenient, permission may be refused.

It may also not be widely appreciated that the club’s tenancy agreement with Wilkin & Sons Ltd allows members access only for the transportation of boats via the Hatches, and not, as might be considered, the compound, to which vehicle access at all times is purely at the discretion of the company. This tenancy agreement only applies for the months of April, May, September and October, and at all other times traffic through Wilkin & Sons Ltd land must be kept to a minimum. It should also be pointed out that use of the Hatches is only allowed after prior agreement, preferably with several days’ notice, between the respective Member and Mr Bragg, from whom the key must be collected and, without fail, returned.

New members must contact the Compound and Moorings Officer before leaving craft/gear on the club’s premises. Permission for locker space in the annexe, dinghy space in the compound, or a mooring in the creek, must be obtained at an early stage of membership. Boat owners are reminded that it is club policy, and in their own interest, that craft are secured to the ground whilst in the compound. Damage caused by an unsecured boat is the sole responsibility of the respective owner. All boats must be adequately insured. Subscriptions should be paid to the treasurer (cheques made out to Goldhanger Sailing Club). Look under Club Contacts for more information on Club Officers.

The attention of new members should also be drawn to items 31 and 32 in the club rules:

31. Any items stored in the club compound and reported to the committee as being a health and safety hazard, or an eyesore, or in urgent need of care and repair, will cause the committee to enquire of members, and post notices to identify the owner of the items, and request him/her to contact a committee member to establish that the items are actually owned by a club member, that they have not been forgotten, are still wanted, and will be maintained properly.

32. If it is not possible to establish ownership then in the following sailing season the committee shall be entitled to dispose of the items and retain for general club funds any sum that may result.

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